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If you want incredibly fast strength, massive power gains9, lean muscle gains17, a pre-workout energy amplifier12, and the ULTIMATE muscle-defining diet pill for men, then YOU WANT TestoRipped! There is NO other men's diet pill available that delivers STRENGTH, POWER, LEAN MUSCLE, ENERGY GAINS, and FAT LOSS.*

The Ultimate Pre-Workout Energy Amplifier

Why get burned by other supplements that over-hype and under-deliver? Remember, average products = average results. If you want a ripped, lean physique and ultimate muscle definition Get TestoRipped!

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What Can TestoRipped Do For You?

TestoRipped contains scientifically proven ingredients specifically designed to ignite intense muscle growth37. Combine that with all of the other ingredients and you are looking at pure energy20, raw power18, incredible lean muscle gains, and fat loss.20,32

  • Lean muscle gains19
  • Pre-workout energy SUPERCHARGER20
  • Massive power gains38
  • Accelerated fat loss32
  • Increased muscle definition37

TestoRipped Customers Getting Ripped Fast!

testoripped before and after

"I can truly say that this product is ****ing outstanding. I been trying to lose weight to join the military after graduation. Others pills was doing the fat burning but I couldn't achieve muscle gain. After about 3 weeks I saw and felt results. By week 6 my muscle gain and tone of muscles was serious."

- JJ. Jamison

"The results of anything is 70% diet, but to be honest TestoRipped is a really good pruduct has mores good stuff then other brands ,like hydroxycut o meltdown, I am a diet tech in the army, let me tell you this is one of the products I'll recomend, in fact I use it!"

- yndex

"I've been using this stuff for about three weeks now. I won't say it's a wonder pill that turns you into the Hulk but you can feel the "buzz" after taking it. The Niacin rush about 10 minutes into two pills can definitely be felt and after about a week I did feel like my energy levels were boosted. If you read the labels of any of these products you'll see this one has the quantity and variety of specifically proven ingredients to support what it is supposed to do. My opinion based on my results it is worth the money..."

- Contractor13

"A friend recommended working in some TestoRipped and experienced a noticeable improvement in pre-workout energy and quicker recovery. I am now working out harder, and more frequently. Certainly believe losing some fat and getting stronger requires a balanced approach i.e. diet, sleep, exercise, and now adding this supplement have helped a great deal. I have lost 8 lbs in the last two weeks, bringing total weight loss in a month to 12 lbs and work-outs are getting better. I recommend TestoRipped."

- stump40

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The TestoRipped Formula: How it Works

Phytosome Green Tea: As an herbal drink used for centuries green tea has gotten a reputation and has been studied in many areas. During it's long years of use it has been found to help boost healthy immune system function as well as assist in boosting the metabolism. This boost in metabolism is often what is craved by diet supplements as boosting the metabolism can drastically increase healthy weight loss.

Caffeine Anhydrous: TestoRipped contains the purest and most powerful form of caffeine available. Caffeine works on the body by stimulating the central nervous system and helps to energize the body to push the weights harder than you thought possible. This extra energy expenditure and effort will lead to greater muscle mass gains. Caffeine also decreases one’s pain perception, promotes calorie burning and is the best natural agent for improving mental clarity and acuteness.

Fenugreek: This naturally found herb is found in southern Europe and Asia. Local populations have been using Fenugreek for thousands of years in a wide variety of uses. Not only is Fenugreek a great standalone ingredient to support increased overall health, but it has been shown to help enhance natural male hormone levels.

Boron Citrate: This trace mineral is found in small amounts in some fruits. Boron is a vital mineral that is required for normal health and growth in the body. It is able to enhance hormone levels, increasing the amounts of natural testosterone levels, leading to lean, hard muscle, increased energy, and enhanced sexual health.

Creatine HCL: An amino acid that is used widely in testosterone and muscle building supplements.  Creatine will add water to your muscle and will help you with heavier lifting. This will in turn increase your muscle strength. With creatine HCL you will increase your muscle mass and enhance your abilities in and out of the gym. It also aids in producing testosterone in your body for greater muscle gain.

Zinc: An atomic element, Zinc has been used for its benefits as early as the 10th century BC. As a dietary supplement, zinc has powerful antioxidant properties because of its ability to strenghten cells. Zinc also helps the body recovery quickly from injuries as well as helping to improve the immune system and eliminate cold symptoms.

Vitamin B12: Also known as cobalamin, this water-soluble vitamin is vital for optimal brain and nervous system function and is necessary for the formation of blood. This vitamin is vital in the very foundation of muscle building as it is necessary for DNA synthesis and regulation. Vitamin B12 will give you increased energy. It also helps to regulate serotonin levels, which affects appetite.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much is TestoRipped? Specials? Shipping?

    You can buy TestoRipped Right Now for Only $49.99! Here's the BEST PART…

    When You Buy TestoRipped in quantities of 3 or more you will save up to 40% off your order!

    NOTE: TestoRipped is so HARDCORE that it is currently ILLEGAL in Australia and New Zealand (Sorry Mates!). So please only buy if you live in the U.S., Canada, or United Kingdom.

  • How do your discounts work?

    We offer discounts for orders with mutlple bottles. Here's how it works:

    • 1-2 Bottles = normal price ($49.99).
    • 3-5 Bottles = 33% discount ($33.30 per bottle).
    • 6 or more Bottles: 40% discount ($29.83 per bottle)
  • What are my payment options?

    We accept all major credit cards and paypal.

  • How long does shipping take?

    All orders are shipped within one business day. Shipping time depends on your location and method. For US customers, we offer FedEx Home Delivery (1-5 days), FedEx 2 Day Air, FedEx Overnight, USPS First Class (2-5 days), and USPS Priority (2-3 days). International orders are shipped FedEx International Mail (10-14 days) and FedEx International Priority (3-5 days, fully trackable).

  • Who Can't Take TestoRipped?

    1. Women
    2. Young men under the age of 18
    3. Anyone not wanting to lost FAT and gain MUSCLE*
  • How should I take TestoRipped?

    Take 1 capsule 2-4 times daily with a minimum of 16 ounces of water. Or take 2 capsules twice daily with a minimum of 24 ounces of water. Best times to take are 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch, and intense physical workout. Never exceed 4 capsules in any 24 hour period.

  • Do you offer a money back guarantee?

    YES! We offer an unbeatable 90 day money back guarantee. We're that confident you'll be amazed by the results. In the unlikely event that you're not, you'll get a full refund (less s/h). All you have to do is contact customer service and they'll give you instructions on how to return your order. This offer is good for one fully used bottle and all unused bottles in resalable condition.

  • How do I contact customer support?

    Please contact us at We will respond to your message within 24 hours. You can also contact us at 1.800.578.0952 or you can Click Here for live chat support.

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